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Within the framework of our project work we work with the most diverse range of technologies. We differentiate between project development in the areas of power generation and renovation or optimisation projects.

The investor’s point of view and the local infrastructural, geographical and political factors that exert influence on the project, are decisive when it comes to selecting technologies for the generation and distribution of electrical energy. Even for projects in the area of “alternative energy production”, conventional technologies for energy conversion and distribution remain essential. It is therefore basically essential, to make intelligent use of all the available interdisciplinary technologies, and to apply them in a project-orientated manner.

The simultaneous interaction of several technologies, i.e. the combination of various types of energy-producing plants, is required in order to find a technical solution that is reliable overall which in turn would result in a successful project.

The next generation: Kinetic power plants

Kinetic power stations are able to provide the required electrical energy anywhere on earth – according to demand – without the use of fossil fuels.

The result is 100 percent green, and therefore clean, energy. Due to the fact that such power plants are also capable of providing baseload energy, KPP solutions do not face any competition from wind and solar energy production. Kinetic power plants have the potential to guarantee the provision of energy and to stabilise our networks.

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Further energy-gernerating technologies with which we work



Cogeneration of heat and power (CHP)


Solar thermal energy

Heat or steam generation

Wind power

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